Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, But I Like Them Too.

The clouds part, the sun peeks out. Temperatures rise, a little. Flowers bloom and moods lift. Most importantly: beer cravings undergo a seismic shift. Out with the winter warmers, the sippers, the savorers. In with the quaffers and refreshers. The mouth waters for witbiers, saisons and lambics. And ales go from brown to blonde, sweet to hoppy.

Today I went with a bud to the Abbey of Sint-Sixtus to rescue him some Westvleteren 12. Holy grail of beers, and all that. But I was happy to find the blonde for sale in the cafe's shop. This is in the heart of West Flanders hop country, and this is one of Belgium's hoppier blondes. It offers some yeasty citrus notes and no bullshit spicing. It's even thirst-quenching at 5.8% alcohol, though its rarity makes sessionability dubious.

It's sort of like this: Every guy in town wants to date her two big sisters. But I've got my eye on the little wallflower.

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