Friday, August 1, 2008

Ménage à Trois.

We're on a train to Paris in less than an hour. There I will continue hunting places to find good French beer in the French capital. It's not easy, friends. And I imagine some wine will cross our path along the way.

The main reason we're going down there is to attend a wedding, with a couple of friends, via the Internet. Seriously. Strange times.

Meanwhile we just got back from a perfect afternoon down at 3 Fonteinen in Beersel. Armand's Lambik-o-Droom is open. And one of these days I really ought to learn how to spell that name properly.

A sunny, pleasant day with some vintage gueuze. Then some mussels cooked in gueuze and a pitcher of kriekenlambic and then more gueuze. Then back to the tasting café for more old gueuze. Gueuze gueuze gueuze gueuze and sunshine. Incredible.

One day we will look back on our time here and be jealous of past selves. But you can be jealous of us now if you like. We don't mind.

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  1. a perfect description! It really was a great time, thanks for having me and I hope you had a great weekend in Paris.