Monday, September 8, 2008

Secret Orgies in the Hotel De Ville, Public Ones in the Grand Place.

Well, no luck talking my way into Belgian Beer Weekend's costumed pre-fest ceremonies. Not for lack of trying. Maybe next year. Oh I'm sure it's all very boring, but I prefer to imagine it like Eyes Wide Shut plus beer. And what's a guy gotta do to try on a hat like this, short of trying out for the school play? Reckon if I can find a hat like that, they'll let me in automatically next year?

Elsewhere some asshat chastised me for suggesting this fest would be full of drunk Americans and Brits. I felt shame at my chauvinism, forgetting about all the drunk Belgians. Until I actually went to the fest. Let's just say that I (a) felt vindicated and (b) fit right in.

Meanwhile I saw a lot of familiar faces and met some new ones, including the classy dudes at Cave Direct. Go buy beer from them.

The fest's most interesting beer to me was that Bockor Foederbier. Not too complex, but it was tart and refreshing. Something between an unblended Flemish sour and a malty lambic, and it could be the base for the brewery's sweeter commercial beers (I can't recommend the Max series unless you prefer fruit candy to fruit beer). It's still mysterious but I'll let you know when I find out more. With luck Bockor will prioritize this more serious and interesting offering.

Another pleasant surprise was revisiting the light, fresh and hoppy Saison 1900 from Lefebvre, whose other, sweeter beers – such as Barbar – usually fail to turn me on. The Saison was a bit malty but fairly low on esters, making me think of lager or even Kölsch. Not a bad thing. Still, it was flabby next to Saison Dupont. Of which I had several glasses. Even though I have plenty at home. Shameless, I know.

Next up: Bruxellensis. A more discriminating, buttoned-down affair. No orgies as far as I know, but the selection of veggie quiches is impressive.

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