Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Upcoming Beer-Festing of Note...

Firstly: The next big fest is Bruges this weekend. This fest debuted last year to rave reviews. But we'll judge it for ourselves, won't we?

Here's the beer list. Quite a big selection, and including a taste of Westvleteren 8 and 12. That's exciting news for tourists who may not get another chance. One that piques my scientific interest is Over the Edge made by Van Steenberge for the American market (mixed but basically positive BeerAdvocate reviews here). It's listed here as an IPA. "We'll see about that," says my unbalanced, hop-starved American palate. Coming from Van Steenberge the 9.5% strength is no surprise... it will likely be sweet and fruity as well. How much real hop character comes though is what I hope to find out.

An obscure one there I like is the Noblesse from the Dochter van de Korenaar, which is frankly the coolest brewery name in Belgium. It's intensely Noble-hoppy – dry and grassy. Light and refreshing with a dry finish that makes you thirsty for more.

Secondly: As noted on the Babblebelt, the "Insurance Against Great Thirst" in Eizeringen is having a Day of the Lambic on December 13. I have read the information and all I can tell you is this: It's a day, and there will be lambic. How that makes it different from any other day in Eizeringen I'm not sure, but it's an event. With lambic. That's what matters. Unfortunately there's some overlap with...

Thirdly: The mighty Christmas Beer Festival in Essen is December 13 and 14, and the beer list's first draft is now available for your perusement. Peruse away and commence thirst generation.

Seems like one could make a great weekend out of Eizeringen on Saturday and Essen on Sunday. Unfortunately that eliminates the option of doing Essen both days. Tough call for you. Meanwhile we might be in Bamberg or Munich instead. More on that in the near future.


  1. Hi Joe,

    First: thank you for your good comments on my beers 'Noblesse'and 'Bravoure'
    I was surfing the web when I run into your comments on the beer festival in Bruges.
    It's nice to hear that you enjoyed both beers, but I must mention that in Bruges the beers were still very young and turbid, and....
    I kept the best beer at home in Baarle-Hertog.
    At the time of the beer festival this beer was just to valuable for me to "give -away" at a beer fest.
    The beer I'm talking about is my third beer coming on the market soon.
    The name will be 'Embrasse' , a beer to embrace ( In Flemish written on a different way it also means something the opposite).
    Embrasse is a very special and complex beer of 9 % ABV made only with malts.
    So no sugars or cereals added! In combination with a strong 'clean' yeast
    you'll get a beer in which you can taste every single malt used, together with the combined flavours of malt and hops. Ester production, and flavour, is low; though there is some undefined fruitines.
    Each bottle will be numbered and given all the neccesary data to qualify the beer.
    This BEER can be sampled in Essen at the winter-ales festival, but also here on the brewery.
    If you like, and have the time, you can taste it even a bit earlier:
    On friday the 12. at 20.30 PM the official introduction of 'Embrasse'will be here on the brewery.
    I would really enjoy it if you could find the time .
    And elseway: have fun in Essen, and I'll be seeing you around!


    Ronald Mengerink
    brewer of 'De Dochter van de Korenaar'

  2. Thanks for the tip and the invitation! I won't be able to attend on the 12th, but I hope to try the new one soon.