Friday, December 5, 2008

The Chouffe Houblon at Delirium was the Nail in my Coffin.

Led an epic pub crawl/tasting last night: La Fleur en Papier Doré, La Porte Noire, Poechenellekelder, a new place I'm keeping secret for the moment, Delices et Caprices, Au Bons Vieux Temps, and a big finish at Delirium.

My head hurts.

No no, I don't want your sympathy.

I'll take this moment to highly recommend Delices et Caprices for your next visit to Brussels. A great beer shop that focuses on quality over quantity. Pierre took great care of us with a mini-tasting that included a spicy chili beer from Millevertus, a big holiday bottle of Rochefort 8 the Great, and some tasty cheese and pâté.

Tomorrow morning the Woman and I are off to Germany. There will be a few days in Munich in there. For the museums, of course. Might not hear from me for a week or so. But you never know.

Ouch. Stop that racket.


  1. Eat banannas and drink water that is the key. The potassium in the bananna helps to avert the bodies reaction to various chemical signals for hangover pain.... do not drink coffee, caffine is the sledge hammer on the head for hangovers.... Take care and enjoy Munchen... Make sure that you go to the Ayinger bierhalle across from the Hofbrau. Its a great resturaunt with good food and a lot less people... Also check out Andechs tasting room off of the Marian Platz, you will not regret it. It you need any more recommendations, please let me know....


  2. Thanks, Stefano. But surely no hangover is so bad that I feel the need to abstain from coffee.

    Mmmmm. Coffee.