Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gratuitous Shot of Hyperactive Lambic Barrel.

Here's some lambic porn for you. I know you want it. Like the sausage coat rack, this was at Timmermans. Not my favorite lambic brewer by any stretch, but our self-led "tour" certainly had its entertainment value.

For tonight I've helped to organize a private tasting in Moeder Lambic's cellar. As always, your envious hatred is more than welcome. The group are not aficionados, just friends interested in knowing more about Belgian beer. So I'm very interested to see what co-owner Jean Hummler pulls out. He has exacting tastes, let's say, so his choices for "beginners" should be pretty interesting.

By the way, anyone can organize a tasting like this at Moeder Lambic. The current price is typically €35 a head and includes five or six beers plus cheese, atmosphere, and Jean waxing loquacious on his favorite topic. Hell of a deal, I'd say. Something to consider whether you're planning a visit to Brussels or already live here.

*See here for my recent report on Moeder Lambic's plans for a second location in the city center, expected to open later this year.


  1. That's the money shot all right!

    That tasting evening sounds great. If I get back there it'll be on the cards.

  2. That image is positively dipsographic!

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