Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Morsels of Moderation from Missouri.

A holiday for me usually means a holiday away from the Internet. But the thought of a stale, neglected blog just gnaws at me. So as I look out the window over the gently rolling pastures-cum-cookie-cutter-subdivisions of the Ozark Plateau, here are some loosely connected sentences. And fragments.

Boulevard Pale Ale is to Missouri what Orval is to Belgium: characterful, highly drinkable and reasonably hoppy pale ale whose quality is matched by its availabilty. It rescues you in those places where other good beers are scarce. If you prefer a nation-to-nation comparison, replace "Boulevard" with "Sierra Nevada." Yet another beer I failed to properly appreciate until I left the country and found my palate.

Meanwhile: I don't have the taste for hop-bombs I once had. I gorge on them anyway when I come home, as if I need a fix. But I don't. It's like growing older to find that dish your mom always makes for you isn't what you remember... With most of the IPAs, the first one impresses greatly, and the rest just coat my palate with layer after layer of hop resin. Or so it seems. Most of them could dial up the aroma and dial down the bitterness.

In the fermenters at the Ozark homestead: Ten gallons of Belgian-style blonde hopped entirely with Centennial. The projected abv is 6%. Dialed up on aroma, dialed down on bitterness. Theoretically.


  1. I knew I could catch up with the latest from Missouri on here!... I hear you on the hopped out beers, since arriving in Belgium I have really expanded. I would reach for the super (or su-pehhr) IPAs less often nowadays. In the end, it's easier for me b/c my mom's cooking was horrible (and my granmother's).

    Hope that 10g turns out nicely...

    Off to Delirium today to take advantage of the Easter beers left on tap...

  2. Hope your stay in Missouri is a pleasant one... I will be back in Brussels June 13-17th, if you are up for beer (or three). Just brewed a Saison Dupont clone and a Saison Voeux Temps. Yeast was cultured from a bottle and fermented true to style. The Voeux temps is still chugging... the Vielle Provision is complete (1.057 down to 1.008). Took a long time to fully attentuate, but well worth it. Also on tap- Tripel made with Ommegang Hennepin yeast, Robust Porter, Scottish 70 Shilling, Dry Stout and Spicy Monkey Rootbeer. Hope you and yours are doing well. Talk to you soon..


  3. I'll be here, Stefan. I'll try to save one of these smoked porters for you..

  4. I will bring some goodies that I have been meaning to send. I just brewed a Hop Bomb IPA today 1.062 75-80 IBU's should be good to go in 3 weeks ! Good to hear from you ! What's up with Drie Fontinen and its outrageous pricing here in the US???