Saturday, May 2, 2009

Around Brussels in 80 Beers: Now Available for Pre-Order.

Those looking to suck the marrow out of Brussels and Belgium this summer will have some top-notch resources available. If we do say so ourselves.

Tim Webb's intrepid publishing outfit, Cogan & Mater, has just updated its website. Among other things, the site now allows you to place advance orders for Around Brussels in 80 Beers.

This book is the result of a unique partnership between myself and Bruxellois brewer Yvan De Baets. A wide-eyed expat and a cynical local. An enthusiast and a savvy cynic. A journalist and an activist. It was Tim's idea to put us together, and we hope you'll agree with the results. We continue a series that has been admirably carried to date by Podge and Siobhan with Around Bruges and Around London.

Also available now is the long-awaited sixth edition of Tim's Good Beer Guide to Belgium. It would be impossible for the Missus and I to understate all the fun we've squeezed out of the last edition. Suffice to say it should be a must-own for anyone visiting or inhabiting Belgium – even if beer is a minor interest.

Cogan & Mater is a small publisher – very small. It lacks the marketing and distribution power of the big boys. But for beer lovers it's putting out some of the most useful guidebooks on the market. Think of it as a microbrewer putting out quality beer, confident in its product but always grateful for a helpful nudge.

That's my clever way of asking for your help in spreading the good word.


  1. Congratulations on the next step :)

  2. Well, that's my copy ordered. Will spread the word.

    It can't be as good as the personal tours you do, can it? :D

  3. Much appreciated, Barry. The book is superior to personal tours because it remains sober indefinitely.

  4. Gah, forgot to get your signature as an optional extra! :D

  5. Will you sign my copy in June?? Cheers and congrats !!! Well done !

  6. Mine ordered as well...i agree with Barry that the personal tours are better. Thanks again, Joe.

    -Chris (from Denver)

  7. Pre-ordered! Looking forward to discover hidden places I never paid a visit to in order to 'test' them...

  8. Nice to hear from you, Toine! Hopefully we can show you something new, besides your old favorites. Salut.