Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's All Just Smoke Anyway.

This is the line that separates the smoking from the "non-smoking" section at the Verschueren, a classic and very bruxellois café in the Saint-Gilles commune. This striped demarcation stretches across the ceiling, down the windows, over the tables, and up the bar. Naturally it generates a powerful forcefield that magically contains all of the smoke in one half of the room. In the other half, we're sniffing our Saison Dupont and breathing easy. Hmm.

The Verschueren is known in Brussels as a leftist/communist stronghold. I only learned that recently. Irrelevant! I know another great beer café in Belgium said to be frequented by the far right wing. Ah, this country and its extremes. Anyway, I don't let politics get in the way of fun.

Probably there are bars out there frequented by centrists like me. I bet they're not as cool.


  1. I understand Europeans have a totally different tolerance for smoking, but whenever I visit a bar that allows smoking (PA, VA), it still blows my mind. I can't smell or taste a damn thing and my clothes reak when I get home. Good luck with that Dupont!

  2. That method of smoke control is like having a "pissing allowed" area in a swimming pool.

  3. I really hate when bars don't understand (or pretend they don't) the meaning of a separate room for smokers.

    I would prefer there were separate bars, for smokers and non-smokers.

    You have to chose which customers you prefer. The same as customers must chose which bar they like better. The one with smoke or the one without smoke.