Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Called it 'Editing'

Tomorrow we have a press event to launch the book at Cantillon. Having a press event is an awkward thing when you think of yourself as a journalist. So is writing up a press release, reading it, and thinking, "Does this suck? Would I immediately shit-can this if I still worked for the wire? Probably." However, it does win cool points for being in three languages.

(An important part of journalism is shit-canning at least 95% of the press releases you get. This was back when people still used fax machines... Don't worry. The shit-can was really a recycling bin. That was way too much paper to just throw away.)

I've been told not to expect many journalists to actually show up, and that the "press event" is a glorified excuse to send out a bunch of press releases. Hrumph, as if I didn't already know. Anyway, that's just more beer for us. It's only a cute little guidebook after all, right?

Not that it doesn't have a story to tell.


  1. My copy arrived yesterday, Joe. It looks great, although I found the flesh version of the guidebook is more interactive. That being you of course. Still, now I feel equipped to venture through the warrens of Brussels alone :D

  2. Careful. Don't let my wife find out about the interactive flesh I shared with you.

  3. Ehh, yes, I can see how that might give the wrong impression :D