Friday, July 3, 2009

Junior is a Gueuze Man.

Thirsty Pilgrim Jr. entered the world at 16:48 Central European Time on June 25, feisty and cantankerous and spoiling for a fight. Hence my recent absence from posting. I'm as cranky and irritable as the l'il guy these days, so any complaints are to be submitted only in person and may promptly be answered with a polite punch in the face.

Yeah. I could use a nap.

Tension has been tempered in these parts to some degree by honest-to-jesus summery weather (in Brussels!) and the careful consumption of late afternoon and/or late evening beers of reasonable strength. Usually Taras Boulba or Biolégère for me, and gueuze for the heroic Missus. Anyone questioning such reckless behavior among newly instated child-rearers, please refer to paragraph 1, sentence 3. And know that the stuff is helping to keep us sane.


  1. congrats on the little man!....Randy & Mimi

  2. Congratulations Joe! Ahh, I remember those days with pleasure. Now the little shit talks back and breaks things :D

  3. Heroic is right. Sanity is overrated. Cheers.

  4. Congratulations to you both.

    Your other "baby" caught up with me in Colorado on Friday. Great at first glance. Promise to appear more critical when I write a review.

  5. Congratulations to all three of you!

    Gueuze has got to be for kids, right? All that gueuzey goodness . . . he'll be a connoisseur from the crib.

  6. Hey Joe and Kelley!

    Congrats on the baby! What a blessing! Did you all get the Shakespeares outfit I sent? Again, It was so nice to meet you in December and I appreciate you letting me stay with you.

    Andy and I are now in San Diego. I currently looking for work, and he began his surgical intern year at the Balboa hospital.

    Congrats, and please tell Kelley hello for me!


  7. what a cute photo - congrats.