Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yule Dig This.

Getting ready to hop on a train, but I wanted to point out the latest issue of DRAFT... featuring my article on the most interesting Belgian Christmas beers. All feedback welcome.

And Norm is on the cover. How cool is that?


  1. Peter in StockholmDecember 3, 2009 at 3:04 AM

    Hi Joe, something I've always wanted to ask you since I started to read your blog: how do you pronounce your name? (Your surname, that is. I know how to pronounce Joe.) And perhaps equally interestingly, how do the Belgians pronounce it?

  2. Nice Christmas beer article, Joe!
    I think I'll take your advice and hop a place to Belgium....tomorrow. See you at the Kerstbier fest next Saturday.

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  4. Peter: It's pronounced "Stang" as in Mustang. A common Americanization of an uncommon German last name which I think has distant Norwegian origins. Although my grandfather was born just on the German side of the Danish border.

    The Flemish tend to pronounce it like the Germans would "stahng-uh" and the Wallonians and Bruxellois give it the French-sounding "stahnzh." Doesn't bother me either way since the only folks who've ever pronounced it right are family.