Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to Get Some Armand'Spirit.

Here are some more details on the Armand'Spirit, the 40% abv eau de vie made from Drie Fonteinen geuze. That was the same beer that became undrinkable in the Catastrophe and nearly ruined Armand Debelder's business. It makes for a pretty fine liquor though, and is selling well, helping to rescue the Drie Fonteinen beermaking operation after all. Funny how life works sometimes.

If you visit the blendery in Beersel (formerly the brewery... takes some getting used to), a half-liter bottle costs €36. The shop and tasting café there are open Fridays and Saturdays, and of course you can also sample the spirit in the neighboring Drie Fonteinen restaurant (which is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys lambic and classic Belgian cooking).

Meanwhile: You can also order bottles from the Huis van de Geuze, the online shop associated with the legendary Grote Dorst lambic café in Eizeringen village. Then you can either pick them up at the café or have them delivered by courier service. The Huis can de Geuze also ships orders overseas, and my understanding is that the Armand'Spirit can be part of such an order.

Armand's wife Lydie now tells me that they will "join a list of wholesalers in Belgium," so the remaining stock could be going fast. So if you're stopping by to buy a bottle, her advice — which is always good advice in this country, frankly — is to phone ahead.

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