Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Post No. 209, Now There's an Exciting Title.

Boulevard in Missouri and Orval in Belgium are two of my favorite breweries in the whole wide world. The fact that I'm from Missouri and live in Belgium adds a certain sentimental attachment to both. So I've been swooning over their upcoming Collaboration No. 1 since news of it broke a short while back. Even though that name is so boring it puts me to sleep.

However, I've also been scratching my head over the style: "imperial pilsner"? Excuse me, Mr. Pauwels and Mr. Rock, but really? Can't we stop imperializing lagers and just call them bocks?

Now I understand the beer a little better, thanks to Stan Hieronymous. He has the full story here. Jean-Marie Rock wanted to do something not possible at Orval: a first-wort-hopped, high-strength lager. Well, OK. This guy has earned the right to brew whatever the hell he wants. So has Steven Pauwels of course.

But they should consulted me before choosing the boring name. Clearly this beast should be called Rock Bock.


  1. Can we get this at Delhaize? ;)

  2. Will it be available in Belgium at all?

  3. I seriously doubt it will be available in Belgium at all, unless places like Delirium or the Kulminator maage to get hold of a few bottles. If they do, it would be mighty kind if they'd go ahead and bring the rest of the Boulevard range with them.

    Nah. Ain't gonna happen.