Thursday, March 11, 2010

De Dolle Fire Update.

As Toine noted, De Dolle has posted some information about yesterday's fire on its website. Not exactly good news but much better than the earlier reports.

To sum it up: The fire started with a water tank, causing smoke damage to the tasting bar (including some of brewer Kris Herteleer's own artwork) and the roof. The brewhouse and bottling line are intact. Thankfully, the injured worker is recovering at home and will return to work Monday. Upcoming bottlings of Arabier and Oerbier will be delayed, but the other beers are still on sale.

The most amazing bit to me is that the weekly Sunday brewery tour — maybe the best in Belgium, by the way, just edging out Cantillon thanks to Herteleer's feisty mom — will continue. The English tour starts at 2 p.m. No doubt this weekend would be an interesting time to go and see the place.


  1. Whew! The news could certainly be a lot worse.

    I'll back you up on the tour. It's among my favorite brewery tours, period. I've done it twice (so far).

  2. Excellent tour it is, I confirm! Although it wasn't Kris' mom but the man himself who gave us the tour (in french).

  3. When I visited the brewery about five years ago, I watched Kris almost dump an entire flat of beer (probably 100 cases), so I have a feeling he'll be ok.