Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Emptying the Cellar.

We could have tried to pack it all, but it would have sat on a warm, sunny dock in Puerto Limón for a few months. Not ideal. We could have tried to ship it all, but too expensive. And anyway, neither option is nearly as fun as trying to drink it all. Making a clean break, you know.

It hasn't been easy. We had a gathering Saturday and put a good dent in it... but just a dent. Anything to get more of these bottles put away. Properly. As in, I'd still like it to be appreciated. Mostly by me.

Pictured: The kind of strange thing that can happen when you empty a cellar. A vertical with one-, two-, and three-year-old Westvleteren 12's. The one-year-old won, I think. Thanks to Jim for bringing the three-year-old, from our original batch we split soon after we arrived in Belgium.


  1. Wow... I have seen your cellar and to be at the cellar emptying event would have been a fun day at the Thirsty Pilgrims house... Drink strong and send me your beer requirements to be shipped to old San Jose..... Cheers and safe travels my good man...

  2. I say put some in the container for Costa Rica. Even if it does sit and stay warm, it will just keep fermenting and likely still be good. You'll be glad you have some of your stash when you get tired of drinking Bavaria Negra--Stu

  3. Emptying the cellar is the only moving task I can truly get behind. Courage!