Sunday, May 2, 2010

What To Do If You Only Have One Day in Bamberg.

My fantasy is to spend a week in that town, someday. So far I've been lucky enough to go there twice, and unlucky enough that each time was a day trip only. Still, a day trip is enough to make an impact. It's enough to permanently etch some seriously fond and wistful memories into your personal history, ready to be recalled at need. That need may come when you sip a certain beer, when you seek inspiration, or when you simply want to brag. Bamberg is a moveable session, you might say.

And so: If you only have an hour in Bamberg, go to Schlenkerla and have two smoked Märzens. If you only have three hours, add Mahr's and (at least) two Ungespundets. If you only have five hours, add a hearty meal and another Märzen at Spezial. If you really have a whole day, use the hike to Café Abseits to clear your head a little between Mahr's and Spezial. (And if you are more interested in sampling a variety of regional beers than local atmosphere, absolutely move Abseits to the top of your list.) Throw in a Schwärzle at Klosterbräu, one more Märzen at Schlenkerla, and stand proudly. If you can.

But no, seriously: You're going to need a week.

Others might add Fässla, or one of the kellers up on the hill, on which you can perch and quaff and look over the town center. All arguments welcome. However, do yourself a favor and skip Ambräusianum. It's simply not in the same league as its neighbors, poor thing.


  1. Great timing for a Bamberg post! Heading there in two weeks. Only have 2 1/2 days but will try to get the most out it. Schlenkerla, Mahrs, and Spezial are definites as well as visiting some kellers.

  2. Hey Joe!
    Still reading the blog from sunny Helmand, Afghanistan!
    Take care,
    PS the Guinness at the embassy in Kabul is awesome!