Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lambic Chat in Philly.

Someday I'll get to attend Philly Beer Week. Or any Beer Week would be nice really. The whole Beer Week phenomenon is something that has continued to explode in the years we've been abroad.

But I can't attend. Not this year. So instead I'd like to live vicariously through any of you with the good fortune and industry to be in Philadelphia this week. And I have an assignment for you. On Wednesday evening, go to the Penn Museum and attend the tasting and discussion with Jean Van Roy of Cantillon, Armand Debelder of Drie Fonteinen, and Frank Boon of, um, Boon. Dan Shelton of the Shelton Brothers will be moderating the talk and keeping it edgy, something I think he does when he's not even trying.

Especially if you've never had the chance to chat with any of those guys, I can promise an enlightening experience.

UPDATE with more details from Kevin Brooks of Shelton Brothers: "The Lambic Summit is this coming Wednesday (June 9) at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology in Philadelphia as part of Philly Beer Week. The session will take place in the Lower Egyptian Room in front of a large statue of a sphinx. It will be a converation about lambics featuring Jean Van Roy, Armand Debelder and Frank Boon, moderated by Daniel Shelton. There will be quite a bit of lambic (including some vintage stuff) from the three producers to be tasted. This link says that it costs $60, but the price is being lowered to $50."

That's Armand in the photo. And thanks to Kevin for the info.

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