Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Day, Another Bitter.

I'm putting up a second nominee for Perfect American Craft Beer According to Me. Oddly enough it's another bitter.

That would be the crisply hopped Bulldog Bitter from Oliver Breweries, a.k.a. the Pratt Street Ale House in Baltimore. I've consulted with the judges, and we have agreed to overlook the fact that the beer is rather British and was even made by a British person (brewer Steve Jones). After all the beer was born on American soil and our country has a constitutional tradition of jus soli. It was born here, so it's American. Much like Steve's own baby all of two weeks ago. So go and congratulate him by spending money in his pub.

We've also agreed to overlook the fact that the beer was a special recipe made for the World Cup, when hundreds of American fans came to pack his pub and drink casks of the stuff dry. Because we hold out hope on behalf of the locals that the Bulldog will become a regular. At 4.3% abv it's at least as tasty as the Best Bitter (4.8%) and approximately 0.5% more useful. You can't argue with numbers.

You also can't argue with the sign on the door to the firkin cellar: ONLY STEVE GOES IN HERE, NO EXCEPTIONS. That is quality control, people.

Also very, very good: the Dark Horse mild on cask. Roast and toast and easy-drinking, ducking sweetness altogether. Lots of character packed into 4% abv.

More Baltimore stuff coming soon. Or when I have time. Many thanks to Brad and Steve and Brian and Casey for their insight and guidance. And especially to friend and colleague Chuck Cook for arranging the tour.

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  1. I'd like to throw in "Smuttynose IPA" for the perfect American craft beer.

    For me, that's about as good as an IPA can get. My father said it tasted like Ranger IPA, but when we put the two head to head, the Smutty was the clear winner (although both were very tasty...)