Friday, July 2, 2010

Belgian Beer, Italian Beer, Italian Food, and Mountains.

In the category of Wish I Could Be There: the Bier Festival Villaggio della Birra is September 11 and 12.

To attend a Belgian beer festival is a thing of good fortune, no matter how you shake it. But for a few years now the really hep kids among the Belgian beer cognoscenti have been getting their kicks in Italy. Think top-flight Belgian brewers hanging with Italy's own cutting edge up in the mountains and feasting on healthy portions of slow food – of which craft beer is naturally a part – and you've got the idea. Cazeau, De Ranke, Glazen Toren and Rulles are among the all-stars. Look here for more info.

Also note the addition of the Session Beer Project logo to the left. We support it, and we serve it.

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