Thursday, July 15, 2010

The First Nominee, According to Me.

We're only three days into qualifying here at Thirsty Pilgrim Mobile Headquarters, but there's already an early candidate for Perfect American Craft Beer: the Bitter American from San Francisco-based 21st Amendment.

Full of zesty hop flavor and aroma, dry and sessionable, with enough malt backbone for balance but checking in at a svelte 3.6 percent strength. Inspiring, nearly perfect, and handpicked by 1-year-olds everywhere for thirsty dads. Especially those throwing down sausage-and-peppers pies at Pizzeria Paradiso on this sultry DC afternoon.

I get to drink the beer, and the boy gets to eat the pizza crusts. That's the deal, and it's a fair one.

Wow, this city is a swamp. And I submit to you that the work of pushing a baby stroller is nearly identical to that of a lawnmower. Although they each have their on unique challenges.

It really is an outstanding beer. On a list full of really interesting options, I had to order a second one and skip all the rest. One knock against it is that it's summer seasonal only. With luck and sales maybe it will go year-round.


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