Thursday, July 29, 2010

Of Farm Beers and Hard Workers.

After two weeks of education in the DC area, we're back in our home state of Missouri. We're awash in homebrew and Boulevard while hitting an unplanned series of cookouts. Or so it seems.

Favorite (new to us) tipples so far: light but crisp and serious Boulevard Pilsner, the aromatic-but-not-stupidly-resinous Ranger IPA from New Belgium, the Brewclub Brown Ale from the Riverfront Homebrewing Club of New Haven, Mo., my brother's homemade double chocolate stout with fiery chiles -- which shouldn't be drinkable, but is -- and finally, the excellent Boulevard Tank 7 farm beer. The best American-made Belgian-style beer I've had since Boulevard's own Saison with Brett.

Farm beer! There's one I've been meaning to run past you. It comes from my newswire-bred appetite for brevity and accuracy. Saison in French or "farmhouse ale" in English are both a bit more than we need in American. "Farm beer" gets the spirit across. Has a nice ring to it. And it doesn't shut out lagers (or other non-ales).

I've got lots more in my pocket for you, and more to come. For now have a look at the cellar of Max's Taphouse in Baltimore. Salute to general manager Casey Hard for allowing the peek. There are 102 taps in there, and they're working nearly as hard as the staff.


  1. From farm beers to beer farms. Nice!

  2. Glad you liked the stout. When I first made it, I thought I would never make it that way again, but it's grown on me over the past few months. Maybe I'll tone down the spiciness and do a holiday batch to age before Christmas...

    I wouldn't be offended if you snagged me a Brewclub Brown Ale from those riverfront gents. I hope you brought them some of mine, as well. I forgot to recommend you do so.