Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thirsty Pilgrim Travel Tip No. 270.

And this might be the best one yet.

At Crater Lake Lodge, on the rim of the caldera, there is a veranda. All along the veranda are rocking chairs in which you can sit and admire one of the most incredible vistas you'll ever see in your life. Behind the veranda is the dining room. Inside the dining room you can order, among other things, a glass of Oregon-made wine or beer. The beers are made by Deschutes of Bend or Standing Stone of Ashland. Then you can bring your glass of IPA or Pinot Noir or whatever you fancy back to the veranda, claim your chair, and take your time.

You'll thank me.

Note: The photo's not mine, since my camera broke on the way to the lake yesterday. Anyway I have yet to see a photo that does the sight justice. And there are some really good ones out there.


  1. A photograph would be appropriate!

  2. Except that my camera broke yesterday on the way to Crater Lake. Time to buy a new one. In the meantime maybe I can find a stock photo...