Monday, August 30, 2010

Walking the Dog Up the Street.

Just the thing when hung over after a bender in Bend: a little hair of the dog at Hair of the Dog.

Tim Webb had a phrase for the Bruxellensis festival that never unstuck from my brain: garage chic. It's just as apt for the Hair of the Dog's new digs at 61 SE Yamhill in Portland. The place has only been open a couple of weeks. In an industrial part of town it is a big, clean garage with tables, chairs, schwag, cheese plates and tulip glasses.

The specialty here is big, strong barley wines much sought after in the world of beer geekery. Those geeks may be interested to know that the Doggie Claws barley wine and dark, rich, contemplative Fred from the Wood were both on draft yesterday.

More than enough to take the edge off.

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