Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Westvleteren to Go On Sale in... the Supermarket?

If there is any justice in this world, this news will destroy the ridiculous secondary market for the stuff. But I doubt it.

According to Dutch-language newspaper Het Nieuwsblad this morning, the brothers at Westvleteren have been in talks with the Colruyt supermarket chain to sell their coveted beers. The goal is simply to raise additional money. A monk told the newspaper via telephone that the monastery's needs were greater than previously thought.

If my translation is correct, the article notes that nothing has been finalized. It's not clear how the beer would be sold, but one option is said to be a box with Westvleteren's three different beers and a glass.

It's not clear if this will really happen--it's hard to believe after all these years--but if so it will be big news in the world of craft beer. Most of us know, deep down, that there is no such thing as "best beer in the world." However if you shut a bunch of geeks in a room and forced them to a consensus at gunpoint, getting past all that "uh, whatever beer is in front of me" garbage, "Westvleteren 12" would be the most likely answer--as it has been on Ratebeer and Beer Advocate for several years now.

For my part, I wish we could fast-forward ahead many centuries to the part where the monks are kegging the Blond and shipping it straight to our local shops so we can take it home and plug it into our kegerators.

In the mean time, take a gander at my old spiel on how to get Westvleteren the honest way. (Damn, was that more than two years ago?) It remains accurate, for now, and one of Thirsty Pilgrim's most visited posts.


  1. Wow, the brothers are selling out to commercialism! Let me be the first to say that the beer just isn't the same. ;)

  2. @Al Hahahaha!

    Great news, if it happens. Well done Brothers: just because you believe in talking donkeys and magic shrubbery doesn't mean you're stupid.

  3. You can buy it from time to time on the Struise website as well.

  4. There is a much easier way to taste this heavenly beer.... Some lovey B&B's in Brugge have them in their cellar for guests who can appreciate them.

  5. I like that suggestion a lot, Christoph. Care to recommend any of them by name? Could be useful. I doubt any of them would get in trouble at this point.

  6. Yep, I bought a bottle in Brugge at "The Beer Temple" just off the main square for 11 euro.

  7. There was a load of 90.000 sixpakcs (with 2 glasses to serve the beer in) for 25 €. In just a few days all was sold. This limited edition is offered on ebay and other sites but many people try to make a lot of money out of this !