Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Promise: I Do Not Blog About Blogging.

But I do blog about brewing sometimes. Like right now. Today I put on the rubber boots and helped out the guys in Cartago. I took a wet rag and wiped down coppers. I stood around bullshitting and trying to sound smart. I ate chili for lunch. I nicked my finger and got an owie.

So I didn't do much actual brewing, but that's OK. I can do that at home. Wearing the boots all day was pretty sweet though. I stood in puddles--on purpose! Later I might even share some kind of news or information with you. And a pretty photo.

Meanwhile here's the first stab at a Facebook group for craft beer drinkers in Costa Rica. All four of us. Eh. We'll see where it goes.


  1. Hey - that post title has (for some reason) triggered a realization. I can proclaim myself a self-appointed expert on beer blogging so that my posts go from needy to... hmmm... academic. I feel a consult coming on. If you spread the word then I can work on my SEO and ROI.


  2. I think you might very well be an expert in search-engine optimization.

    Meanwhile, I could offer a consult about how not to spill beer on your keyboard.

  3. Now I feel a conference coming on. Now we need some corporate sponsors to get us all to New York. Surely a reasonable petty cash fund is in order, too.