Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Big Sign is Up.

Looks like Costa Rica's Craft Brewing out in Cartago is one step closer to reality. Now if we could just go out and buy their beer...

Now take a look a those two hard-working fellas who've just done the job. Don't they look proud? Here's to hoping a good number of CRCB's customers are gents like these. I suspect its long-term success will ultimately depend on them, rather than a scarce smattering of expats and tourists. Thankfully I'm just a glorified gossip and not responsible for wooing anyone away from Pilsen or Imperial from time to time. Although, like any enthusiast, I'll do my part.

Cheers to CRCB co-owner Brandon Nappy for sending the photo. In theory the first beer--probably the blonde Libertas ale--will be out on the market sometime in December. I'll let you know when and where, if I can. Since there are at least four of you waiting for news.


  1. Totally nerdy - but what a great logo/sign!

  2. It's an homage to the painted wheel of a traditional Costa Rican oxcart. And it'll look really classy on souvenir T-shirts and pint glasses.