Friday, December 10, 2010

Inside the Den of the Elusive Cerevisiae Silvanus...

Costa Rica is famous for an incredible diversity of flora and fauna. The country's tiny landmass has more types of plants and animals than both Europe and North America. And here, ladies and gentlemen, we see a truly rare species: cerevisiae silvanus... the elusive jungle brewer.

This one is a male, has been domesticated, and has a name: Ryan Ackerman. He also has mated with another cerevisiae silvanus named Courtney Cargill. Interestingly, they are native to the eastern regions of North America and migrated here for the climate. Turns out they're natural surfers.

We were able to communicate with these two fine specimens and capture a few rare images like this one after locating them in the southern reaches of the Nicoya Peninsula. We also learned that they are adapting to the environment by using local ingredients, such as the fresh orange zest that went into the hoppy pale ale they were brewing that day.

Not every part of the Costa Rican environment has been hospitable, however. In particular, it features a rather treacherous bureaucratic landscape for non-native species attempting to open small businesses--especially those related to alcoholic beverages. Currently the pair are dotting their i's, crossing their t's, and moving ever closer to making the Perra Hermosa brewery a legal reality. However, they just might start howling and hurling coconuts if yet another lawyer suggests it would be a lot simpler if they reproduced on Costa Rican soil.

In the meantime, these two cerevisiae silvanus are making beer for friends and parties in their jungle den. I'd strongly encourage any thirsty types visiting the Malpaís area to say hello. You can probably try the beer too. Contact them at perrahermosabeer AT gmail DOT com.

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