Monday, December 6, 2010

New Stout from Dupont.

A nasty virus slammed our whole family over the weekend. I'm still trying to shake it. That's my explanation for playing catch-up after disappearing for a few days. And it's my excuse for allowing compadre Chuck Cook to scoop me on this attractive photo and bit of news. Because I was busy playing target for my toddler's projectile yacking. Somehow he always nails the bullseye.

Anyway: a new beer from Dupont. Always exciting news, especially when it's actually a new beer and not simply blending, re-labeling or dry-hopping of their established classics. Somehow the news is even sexier when the beer is black. So, everyone, say hello to Monk's Stout. Monk's Stout, say hello to everyone.

OK, it's not exactly a new beer, as Chuck correctly notes. It's a revival of an old one. But that just makes it cooler.

Some of you are thinking, "But stouts are not very Belgian, are they?" You may be the same people who think Belgian ales are all supposed to be sweet and/or funky and/or spicy. And so you'd be wrong again. Besides a long tradition of dark and even black ales, British- and Irish-style stouts as well as pale ales were not uncommon in Belgium in the years between and after the World Wars. Imagine that.

More good news: The beer will be around 5.2% abv. So you can have more than a couple of glasses.

Big thanks to Stu Stuart, he of Belgian Beer Me tours, for the photo and heads-up. He took the shot less than two weeks ago at the HORECA expo in Ghent, an annual show for Belgium's considerable hospitality industry.

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