Monday, December 6, 2010

Soon Every Home Will Have a Delirium Café of its Own.

It's possible that Delirium Café has more money than it knows how to spend. It's not clear to me why, but I suspect the answer would be why not colonize more of central Brussels.

Anyway, the ever-growing Delirium has apparently gotten tired of expanding farther and farther into its alleyway off of Rue des Bouchers. Now it's opened a satellite outlet a whopping 900 feet away as the drunken, teenage, chain-smoking crow flies. The address is 7 Rue Marché aux Fromages, just a block on the other side of the Grand Place, and more popularly known among late-night drinkers as "Pita Street" for its plethora of kebob joints.

There will be 30 draft beer taps--which used to be a rare thing in Brussels--plus many other means to intoxication. Speaking of 30 taps, maybe they got jealous of Moeder Lambic's second Brussels outlet? Doesn't matter. What matters for us: more options. As always let's hope that not too many of those fonts are reserve for the cheap Floris candy beers too often foisted, in patronizing fashion, on young women.

I and many other champion imbibers received a "VIP Invitation" to the grand opening at on December 17. I can't go. What about you? Drop me a line and I'll forward you the invite. Just tell them your name's Tim Webb.


  1. Three posts in one day? Egads.

  2. Almost certainly a decision taken with CML(F) in mind, but indeed, more choice is more choice. Here's hoping you can see across the room in the new place -- walked into Delirium at the weekend, coughed up half a lung and walked out again...

  3. Yeah, no word on whether it's non-smoking. But given that it's a bar in Brussels, it's Delirium, and I see nothing here about food... We can make an educated guess.

    And we can all be very annoyed about the smoke or potential clientele, but we all know full well we're going to pop in and at least see what's on draft.

  4. I love the tone of this post. It expresses well how I feel about the place.

    I just got my invitation for the Little Delirium opening. It takes longer to get to the not-so-VIP's.

    As an aside, I went into the Poechenellekelder last night for the first time in a long time. It's lovely. No more smoking and the beer list seems to have gotten even better. Dean Martin coming through the speakers. Equinox on tap. Aaahhh...