Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fascinating, But Save Your Money.

It was an excellent gift. I drank a couple glasses of it on Christmas Day and shared the rest with the family.

Boston Beer and Weihenstephan claim that they used a new process to make extra sugars available for fermentation, aiming to dry out the beer. Non-Germans often do this by adding sugar, but that just wouldn't be Reinheitsgebot. Fascinating, I think. Whatever they did, maybe they should have done more of it. The beer still ended up way too sweet for my tastes. It did have a classy sparkle though.

Might be better for making friends than for drinking. Regardless, a righteous gift.

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  1. I'm drinking this beer with a non-beer geek, but commited pisshead, mate here in CZ. Just checked your review and it's spot on... Worse is that I think I could get a couple of strong, local pale lagers for less than 1EU a half litre bottle and they will be more satisfying even in a blind tasting...