Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Wish List.

Draft Magazine has put out its list of 100 Best Beer Bars. Well researched and dead handy. Simply figure out which region you're in (try asking the person next to you), then browse the list for a beer bar in a nearby city.

Probably some good ones were left out. It would be hard to cut the list down to 100 these days. But everyone likes a nice round number.

Pictured here: The Bridge in St. Louis. For my Missouri peeps. How about ordering me up some mac and cheese with a 20-ounce glass of Saison Dupont. Thanks.

Lucky bastards, living in the First World.


  1. Salute to all beer lovers to the other site of Atlantic. Sorry I'm writing here, but I didn't find any email to contact with you.

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  2. Hi George, interesting site. I put up a link. Glad to see there are a handful of microbreweries making it work in Greece. By the way, you (or anyone) can reach me at joe (dot) thirstypilgrim (at) gmail (dot) com.

  3. A thoughtful list. With a mere 100 pubs on the list, the also-ran list is rather impressive. For me, number 101 would be Brew's Cafe, down the road a bit in Granville, OH. Does it make me a bad father that, come the first warm spring Sunday, I'm left clueless regarding ideas for day-trips with the kids...except for one: a trip to Granville, time at the park, a journey down the nearby bike path, and an early dinner at Brew's? It does? Ah, so be it. It's a gem of a place.