Friday, February 25, 2011

Beery News for Ticos, Gringos and Turistas.

There has been a change of brewers at Hotel Tilawa's Volcano Brew, overlooking Costa Rica's scenic Lake Arenal. But I'm told the Beach Pale Ale and as-yet-unnamed Hefeweizen are still flowing. Ideal for anyone wanting to try out some kiteboarding or windsurfing and enjoy some decent beer before or after.

George Lin recently left Volcano Brew to spend more time on his own fledgling Pittsburgh-area microbrewery, Forsaken Brew Works. (More on that soon. Belgophiles will want to know.) Meanwhile, Hotel Tilawa creator-owner J.P. Cazedessus says brewer Martin Cornelius has arrived to help out, and that off-premises sales are coming soon. I'm trying to get to Lake Arenal for another visit and will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, Costa Rica's Craft Brewing is gradually and carefully adding new accounts, better known as more joints where you can find their beers.

This week they added the sports bar Hooligans, located in Escazú's Multiplaza shopping mall. (I have to say the CRCB taps looked mighty purty sitting there between two fonts of Imperial.) You can find more locations on this section of the brewery's Facebook page. The local company Belca is now handling distribution.

Local drinkers will get the chance to try a couple more styles from CRCB in the near future. A stout is on the way for St. Patrick's Day, and a Scottish ale will make an appearance soon as well. Derrick told me the Scottish ale might become a regular beer if it goes over well enough.

So the adventure continues.

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