Monday, February 7, 2011

How About a Kielbasa With That?

Hip-hop head nod to Lew Bryson for pointing out what's happening that little corner of the beer world. It should be interesting for anyone who likes session beer or obscure historical beer styles. Grodziskie, a.k.a. Grätzer, an extinct, low-alcohol, well-hopped style made entirely with smoked wheat malt. Barbecue beer of the past and future.

Funny this should come up, because I was just flipping through Randy Mosher's Radical Brewing, reading about Grätzer, and pondering whether to put some wheat malt in my smoker. Unfortunately, my handy little would-it-be-a-big-pain-in-the-ass versus odds-that-the-beer-would-wind-up-drinkable scale computes a pretty low score for this idea. I'm a lazy man. Better to keep an eye on Chris Lohring's project and hope a bottle of it finds me one day.

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