Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Owner Hopes Warm Water (and the Lambic) Will Flow On.

Just a brief update with some words from Lieve Polet, owner of Het Warm Water (L'Eau Chaude) café in the Marolles neighborhood of Brussels.

She said she is still hunting for prospective buyers, and any help in that area is appreciated. There have been a few people interested in buying, but nothing final as of yet.

"Indeed, many people want that Het Warm Water will live on," she said. "I hope [for] it also, but without me!"

Any angel investors out there? Maybe what we need is another Kickstarter campaign. From now on that's my answer for everything. Need to fund a documentary film about your dog? Kickstarter. Need $2 for a 40 of OE at the corner store? Kickstarter. Need to raise money to buy and sustain an endangered lambic café? Kickstarter.

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