Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Reason to Stay in Brussels.

The news is out that Zythos, Belgium's largest association of beer lovers, is moving its annual Bier Festival to Leuven next year. It's also moving the date from March to late April (in 2012 it'll be April 28 and 29). Depending on what you thought of traveling to Sint-Niklaas, you might join me in cautious optimism.

Those who enjoyed basing themselves in Antwerp for ZBF could be disappointed. Leuven is farther south, but maybe that's welcome news for our Walloon friends. Also on the upside, Leuven has its own accommodations and attractions, including some interesting beer cafés and an impressive Grote Markt.

Here's what I like: Leuven is a quick train ride from Brussels. Less than 30 minutes, in fact. Organizers say they plan to organize a shuttle to carry fest-goers the 3km between the station and Brabanthal. Important information: The last train from back to Brussels departs at 11:10 p.m. Moeder Lambic should still be open for a while when you get back.

Even if you decide to make a long stroll of it instead, the weather is more likely to nicer in late April. No guarantees though. It's still Belgium. The best climate is usually indoors, with a glass of beer, some nibbles, and a friend or two-thousand.


  1. Just when I thought I was done with this festival, it gets more space (I hate crowds) and moves a mere 15 km away (I hate driving long distances when I'm drunk).

  2. You could also take De Lijn Bus 317 from Tervuren, since I know you're joking about the drinking and driving thing.