Thursday, March 10, 2011

Edgy Beers in Germany's Capital.

For your next trip to Berlin: Enjoy Sabrina Small's article in DRAFT Magazine on the city's punk rock brewers. There are IPAs, Rauchbiers, Winterbocks, and revivalist Berliner Weisses. Definitely more going on there now than when I last visited in late 2008.

The highlight of our trip then was Brewbaker, a foodie-friendly brewpub. It didn't make it into Sabrina's article. Maybe it wasn't punk rock enough, but then I'm pretty happy with a plate of pork and the sort of crisply hopped, unfiltered pils in which the local brewpubs seemed to specialize.

But then, here's what Wilko Bereit of Rollberg says about his product: "I make simple, unfiltered, unpasteurized beer that tastes good and is good to get drunk on."

Honesty in advertising. OK, I'm sold.

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