Friday, March 25, 2011

Gone Swimming.

I used to live in Beer Paradise. The weather there mostly sucked. There were short spurts of long summer days ideal for growing barley and hops. Then there were long miserable winters ideal for staying indoors and drinking that which those crops produced.

Now I live in the Land that Beer Hath Forsaken. It's usually gorgeous out. Figures. We don't have Saison Dupont or Sierra Nevada, but we can just pick up and go surfing or sport-fishing or whatever.

I'm not much of a beach person actually. It's all that sand. Horrible stuff. However I am partial to warm weather, fresh seafood and hammocks. Trashy paperbacks and cold beer. Give me a chlorinated, sand-free swimming pool with an ocean view and a glass of beer and that's the best of all worlds.

At least we have Guinness Foreign Extra. Oh wait, now you do too? Damn.

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  1. lest you forget about the forbidden fruit or have they stopped importing that?