Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Irish Holiday, British Pub, Costa Rican Craft Beer.

The photo here was taken by Pinar Istek for the Voice of Nosara. It's from St. Patrick's Day at the Black Sheep Pub in Nosara, a Guanacaste coastal town popular among surfers, yogis, fishermen and retirees. (No doubt there are a few people who are all those things at once.)

Looks to me like the Libertas blonde ale. Tengo sed.

I've mentioned the Black Sheep before because it's a beer-serious pub that's serving local craft beer. I'm ashamed to say I missed this Boston Globe article about the pub and its owners, Joe and Helena Wygal, until today. Actually the article is about the allure and challenges of retiring abroad, but there is plenty about the Black Sheep in there. For example: Joe is a craft beer enthusiast from Massachusetts and runs the pub as a non-profit, open on Saturdays only. If you're like me and pondering a visit, we'd better get on the stick. They're apparently trying to sell the place and move closer to San José.

Go here or here for more of Pinar's lovely photos from Nosara. After a closer look at her blog I learn she is a fellow Missouri alum. The world is awfully damned small sometimes.

Pinar: Thanks for letting me borrow the photo. I owe you a pint.

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