Monday, March 7, 2011

Special Lambic Series to Help Fund New 3 Fonteinen Brewery.

A bit more info for followers of Drie Fonteinen, following the news last week that it may start brewing its own lambic again.

According to an e-mail from blender Armand Debelder and wife Lydie Hulpiau, they hope they will raise enough money to pay for a new brewing system. The idea is to launch a limited series of four special beers starting in May of this year (possibly in time for the Weekend of Spontaneous Fermentation?). They said the series is unnamed as of yet, in the meantime referring to it as a "single 3 Fonteinen blend."

I'm only speculating, but it might be a blend of lambics brewed only at Drie Fonteinen before the decision to stop brewing last January. But that's only speculation. I've asked for clarification.

More from the e-mail: "We have 4 different bottle dates of this blend and thus will have 4 different releases, we hope that collectors will buy a set of 4! These bottles will be rather expensive and with that money we hope to be able to buy a new brewing installation. So please keep your fingers crossed for our sales......"

More speculation: The chances are pretty good of this all working out. We all know there are folks out there willing to pay extra for rare lambics from top producers. And we know that there are Debelder fans willing to pay more for a product (see: Armand'Spirit) that furthers the Drie Fonteinen cause. And many of those people like to read this blog.

So, let me ask you: Are you interested?

Armand and Lydie also add that sales of their mixed-fermentation black beer, brewed for Drie Fonteinen by Proef, is "running like a train" and that they're all sold out of the stuff on premises.

Overall, I'd say things are looking up in Beersel these days.

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  1. I can't wait!!! I just hope I can get my hands on some up here in Maine. I keep kicking myself for not getting a bottle of the Armand'spirit while visiting last year.

    Armand was a joy to talk with when I visited Drie Fonteinen. So passionate about his beer. It was the highlight of my trip.