Monday, March 21, 2011

The World Can Always Use More Pub Guides.

More for your dreaming and/or planning purposes: Spotted via Facebook, a teasing glimpse of a new book: Prague: A Pisshead's Pub Guide. The author would be Max Bahnson, a.k.a. Pivní Filosof, a.k.a. Filósofo Cervecero, a.k.a. the Beer Philosopher--the Czech-based Argentine translator who blogs about beer in both English and Spanish. (FYI, the word "beertastic" translates to "cervestástico." A cunning linguist, as they say.)

The book's title is a clue that his guide will have a strong and useful perspective.

Set that one near your throne, right next to Evan Rail's Good Beer Guide Prague and the Czech Republic, and you'll be as prepared as a Boy Scout.


  1. Of course you can always add to your shelf Velky Al's Pocket Pub Guide to Prague - available now through!!

  2. Alistair, how did I miss that one?

    I also neglected to mention Ron's pub guide site at

  3. More on the Pocket Pub Guides:

    Al, any more in the works?

  4. I am currently working on a Virginia Beer Guide, which I hope to have done some time in the autumn.

  5. In that case I'll aim to make good use of it sometime next year.