Friday, April 1, 2011

Availability. Quality. Mood. Price.

"What makes you buy someone's beer?"

Which beer is nearest my person? Is it any good? Am I in the mood for it? What's it cost?

When I saw Alan's topic for this month's Session--the 50th--I wanted to provide an appropriately simple one-word answer. Instead I came up with no less than four words, which in reality comprise a sort of complicated mechanism for making a decision. It all seems very pragmatic for something that's so close to my heart.

However: Alan's theme may lead to more interesting navel-gazing among most of you. I'm referring to those of who have access to amply supplied bottle shops in the world's developed countries. Maybe you are trying to decide between some new American-made farmhouse ale and the latest Mikkeller collaboration imperial stout.


At the moment I'm at a mostly-inclusive resort in Panama. There is one beer, and it's called Balboa. I understand that it's owned by a national brewery which is owned by a Colombian company which is owned by SABMiller.

It's available. It's piss. But I'm in the mood. And the price is right.

What makes you buy someone's beer?

First of all: lack of choice. Secondly: It's not "someone's" beer. It's mine.

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