Saturday, August 13, 2011


We are at the 25th annual Great Taste of the Midwest today. And you, most likely, are not. If it makes you feel any better, it's going to rain on us all afternoon. It's going to get muddy. And here we are, without our galoshes.

I could have chosen other photos to portray anticipation. There's the Vintage Brewing tent, with its foosball table and old sofas. There's the life-size singing Elvis draft tower (from New Holland, I think). There's the Real Ale Tent, totally empty except for some firkins ready to pour and the words "Real Ale" flapping in the breeze.

But you know my sense of humor. Such as it is. How to resist the Great Wall of Porta-Potty? Yet not even the photo does it justice. Standing on one end, it seems to stretch over the horizon.

Interestingly, the Wall acts as a sort of secondary security measure. It helps to discourage yahoos from landing their boats on the shore of Lake Monona to sneak their way into the fest. Yes, that's happened before.

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