Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vive La Franco-Belge Résistance.

Here I am with all this great stuff saved up from our American swing, and off I go on a Brussels kick. No complaints I hope?

Yesterday I mentioned the Belgian Beer Weekend on the Grand Place and its merits (namely, Belgian beer and the Grand Place). But just a few blocks away, the guys from Moeder Lambic Fontainas are--in true Moeder Lambic fashion--offering an alternative:

"This small group of rebels is fighting back against bad taste in beer, by preferring hops to sugar, quality to quantity. ... We needed an excuse, an occasion on which to do it, and the Belgian Beer Weekend festivities on the Brussels Grand Place seemed liked the perfect opportunity.

This is the annual high mass of the Belgian brewing scene, with its procession of insipid pasteurized beers wrapped in lovely marketing labels with devils, elephants and fake monks; all poured into delightful glasses.

However, the truth is in the tasting. We are hoping the contrast will be overwhelming, and so are inviting you all to come along on the first weekend in September to taste these new waves alongside the Belgian resistance beers that we already support and defend."
The emphasis will be on the "other" French beers, i.e. biéres artisanales. They are seeking recruits for the Hexagonal Libeeration Front, reminding us that the resistance continues despite the French having lost the beer war back in 1664. As is well known, of course.

Featured French breweries are to include Agrivoise, Garrigues, Paradis, La Franche, Fleurac, Pleine Lune, Matten. And let's be honest: Unless you're a freak (and some of you are), most of those names are new to you. Exciting things happening in French craft beer these days. Plus there will be the usual Fontainas lineup and no doubt a couple of surprises.

For example: the release of a collaboration brew between the boys at Senne and Allagash. How cool is that? Said to be 5.2% alcohol, amber in color, 55 IBUs.

Let's go ahead and call it what it is: Brussels Beer Week.


  1. I guess I am a freak then! Mind you, given that my parents live in France, I tend to look for local beers rather than reverting to known brands for my drinking when I go visiting. If I remember rightly, in their little part of France there are something like 9 craft breweries within 75km.

  2. Fleurac Triple Brune IPA rocks! Isn't Thiriez on the line-up? They make excellent brews over there too (and they used to brew the Jambe-de-Bois for de la Senne before)!

  3. Oh, and by the way, its 'Vive la Résistance Franco-Belge', not the other way round ;-)

  4. So, if one just happened to find oneself in Paris for a week in February, where might one encounter some French craft beer? You know, hypothetically.

  5. I heard a lot of positive comments about 'La Cave à Bulles' (45 rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris). You can also try 'Bières Cultes'.

  6. "Oh, and by the way, its 'Vive la Résistance Franco-Belge', not the other way round ;-)"

    Do you really want me to start correcting your English, Toine? Anyway, you would be correct if I were using proper French. Instead I was using grammar approved by the Académie de Dégradé Expatrie Française, on which I am an immortel.

    Doug: Go to Cave á Bulles for sure.

  7. Hehehe, good point Joe!

    I went to 'Mother L' last Sunday, and nearly all of the french brews had run out! Seems like a success... I had to settle for a draught 'Abbaye de Saint-Bon Chien' from swiss brewery BFM, excellent stuff! (They also had Cantillon Fou'Foune on cask...)

  8. Daniel Thiriez wasn't there because he's not an official member of the FHL. About french craft breweries in Paris, La Cave à Bulles is certainly a great place.