Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love Letter to Portland.

Drinking and travel. That's what this blog is supposed to be about, finally, mostly. I get distracted sometimes.

So, Portland. Dig it! I know I have. But you should hear about it from another dedicated traveler and drinker who has been there a lot more often than me. He also takes pretty pictures and sometimes tells jokes. He recently started writing about it again on the interwebs. His initials are M.J. Take that or what it's worth.

I like this part:
Much love for the well-crafted high gravity ales that make Hair of the Dog famous, but the 3.5% second-runnings dry-hopped session ales mentioned before, these have captured me. This is it, friends. These small beers truly make me feel like I can give up this crazy hobby and just sit here for the rest of my life, settling into Don Younger-mode. On my stool. With my glass.

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