Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Take a Walk with Mr. De Prins.

Brussels is loaded with underpaid and underutilized artistic talent, invariably with an off-centered sense of humor. Occasionally, though, someone figures out how to put it to good use. Such as the Midi Station restaurant, which is right next door to Gare du Midi and a short walk from Cantillon.

The restaurant has posted a series of short films focused on different aspects of Brussels cuisine, situated in Midi's little corner of Anderlecht. Flemish food writer Dirk De Prins is the star, and also manages the restaurant. I'm not sure who directed them, but one is about lambic, as Mr. De Prins pays a visit to Cantillon.

A person from Brussels, the so-called 'Brusseleer’, will occasionally start to fight or sing spontaneously, but will rarely start fermenting spontaneously. No, only Lambiek does this. If wort is exposed to the open Brussels air, it does not start coughing, but spontaneously produces fireworks of yeast due to the fungi and Brussels bacteria which only hang around the Zenne valley. And what a bad smell. But after maturing for three years in old wine casks, you get the most wonderful beer.
Enjoy the movies.

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