Friday, March 2, 2012

The Session: What Makes Local Beer Better?

The thing that makes local beer better is the same thing that makes my family's garden tomato better than the neighbors' garden tomato, even if it's not. Because it's fucking ours.

All things being equal, tie goes to the home team.

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  1. A steaming warm cow patty is both local and fresh.

    "Local" when it comes to beer is only an opportunity.

  2. They may have many of the properties of fine aged cheese but I would not recommend that.

  3. "Local" is certainly an opportunity, for the drinker as well as the marketeer. Especially when local means cheaper. But I'd take issue of your use of the word "only."

    Are you so cold that, given two equally excellent pale ales, one from California and the other from your hometown, you couldn't take a little extra pleasure in the one from your hometown?

    Local is not (or should not be) an excuse to make (cow?)shitty beer, but in my view it adds value if it increases pleasure, which might stem from knowing the neighborhood or the story or guy who made the beer.

  4. Yes - if only because there is no good local beer. Example of my local and crap:

    If I were in one of the few areas of the western world where local is as good as the best, I would would agree. But those conditions are so rare as to be irrelevant. If we would like to rephrase the question as "wouldn't you like to live in Belgium" again I would agree.

  5. Your point is well taken, sir, about degrees of goodness leading up to the "best." Which raises another question about the value of always looking for or needing to have "the best."

  6. It's a curse for sure. What would be the one beer on your long pilgrimage that you would like to go back to and stop for the rest of your life? Me? I dunno. Maybe on this day back in 2004?