Friday, April 27, 2012

Is This The Best British Restaurant Not in Britain?

What you see here is a shot from a place called Farmer's Gastropub. I haven't eaten there yet but I mean to rectify that. I've drank there, however, and can recommend the atmosphere and surprising beer selection.

The Telegraph recently named it the winner for best restaurant in the newspaper's Best of British 2011 competition. This came as something of a surprise to local residents, who were fairly certain that they were living in the United States.

Here is the summary:

Dining at Farmers Gastropub gives you the very Best of British in the Midwest USA, from the Authentic fish & chips, home made sausages in the Bangers & Mash and curry with fresh naan, to the Duck confit, Bison Wellington or trout almondine followed by house made chocolate gateau, creme brulee or bread pudding.

The fresh ingredients sourced locally from small farmers and producers or from natural and sustainable sources like our fresh line caught Haddock or wild caught Alaskan Salmon ensure you a meal to remember. Eating at the bar, in a booth, at a high party table or out on the patio you are assured great food great service a great selection of beers, wines and spirits and a great time.
The weirdest thing to me: It's in my hometown and Brad Pitt's, Springfield, Mo. I wonder if Brad's been there yet?

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