Monday, July 23, 2012

Up Late, Doing Whatever You're Doing. I Don't Want to Know.

What's up, teenagers? Let's rock.

In an ideal world I'd be throwing up little posts every day. But who has time? Other bloggers, I guess. Not me, not so much. Plus I need to save a lot of stuff for later -- articles and such. Still, here are a few bits that come to mind:

The world-class Kunstemaecker is in Steenkerke, near Veurne. Steenkerke, Steenkerke, Steenkerke. Not in Lo-Reninge. That's where the new Seizoensbrouwerij Vandewalle is. Which is a story for another day. For now I'll just say that I wish more longtime beer historians would up and start their own breweries just to make old recipes.

In Brussels: Remember how the Kafka closed? Then it re-opened. But, er, then the Monk closed. Well, there is a sign on Monk's door that says, essentially, "Be back soon." We shall see.

Moeder Lambic these days has been selling most of their draft beers in half-liters as well as 25 or 33cl glasses. I've always thought a half-liter ideal for those hoppy, lower-alcohol beers from Senne and others. But then I am a thirsty person. I might have mentioned that before. Band of Brothers, something like a lean-and-mean Zinnebir at 4%, but in a larger portion... yes, please.

If you want to do the Sainte-Catherine seafood splurge but don't want white wine or Champagne with your shellfish, consider the Vistro, which is the tavern side of L'Huitrière. It is not the best restaurant in Brussels. Neither is it the worst. What makes it above-average: its location, laid-back ambiance, cartoons on the walls, and a drink card that includes Saison Dupont, Boon Oude Geuze and Taras Boulba.

Finally, food for thought: Spaghetti bolognaise is as Belgian in Belgium as pizza is American in America.



  1. Funny, I was just talking to someone about Belgian cafe spaghetti Bolognaise a few days ago. The oddest part is that it's usually quite good, at least to my and my wife's experience.

    In other news, have you noticed how many of us are starting to write like Pattinson on our blogs.

  2. Did this post remind you of Mr. Pattinson somehow? Even without big gray tables wider than your browser and huge blocks of text from old books?

  3. It's the short, clipped sentence structure. Very Pattinsonian. At least i think so.

  4. Must've been the durum he had for dinner. He was probably in a hurry to get… somewhere.

  5. A Belgian tweeted a photo at me of the half litre of Gulden Draak 9000 Quadrupel he was drinking. I love that beer but it's dangerous stuff.