Thursday, November 1, 2012

Like "Happy Ending," Get It?

Back at Costa Rica's first craft beer fest in April, folks were buzzing about, well, a lot of things. In fact there were many buzzes going around. And there was much interest in the big-flavored beers of Treintaycinco.

Pictured are the beers that comprise the familia completa. Attractive, eye-catching labels. Note the strengths on those suckers: Two are at 8% and two others are at 9.8%. Then there is the Japi Endin, a lighter "tropical lager" made with local tapa de dulce sugar and checking in under 5%. I've tasted a few of them a different times and here are my early impressions: They have been very good at times, based on solid and interesting recipes. Consistency isn't quite there yet. But when these babies go legal, they will immediately be among the most interesting beers available in Costa Rica.

Co-founder Ignacio Castro Cortiñas says that the permit process is far along, and that "very soon" the nanobrewery will have news on where to find the beers. I'll try to keep you posted but a safer bet is their Facebook page.

Also, here's more info from a post that David Ackley did on his Local Beer Blog in June.


  1. Man, can't wait to try their beers again!

  2. I've got a prototype Japi Endin in the fridge I've been meaning to open. The Maldita Vida disappeared quickly.